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Archive for December 2016

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report- November 2016

Phoenix west valley cities are holding strong with most cities continuing a good run. Still lots of great investment opportunities as the rental market continues to be very strong with a very low vacancy rate. Let us know if you have questions about the current market, we’d love to help!  

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Difference Between Managed and Non-Managed Properties

People ask us all the time what the difference is between having their property managed verse not having it managed. There are over 40,000 agents that have the ability to list a home for rent on the MLS to get a tenant in, but that’s only the beginning. The typical agent is not legally allowed…

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FHA Loan Limits to increase, Mortgage Rates Look to go up

As you know there have been lots of news about our economy with the change in the presidency. Housing plays a huge role in the economy such as FHA Loan Limits and higher mortgage rates. We are likely to see lots of changes in 2017. There may be a lot of changes that can indirectly effect housing, this…

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