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Archive for October 2017

Phoenix West Valley Real Estate Market Report

For this of you that own properties in the west valley, here is a nice report showing what has ben happening in the real estate market. Additionally, our sales team did a great blog on the current market that is worth a read, you can find it here:

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How Hard is it to Transfer my Property to a Property Manager?

We are asked how hard is it to transfer my property to a Property Manager fairly often. Simply put it is not hard at all but the process is a little different depending on what your situation is. Here are a couple scenarios and how we go about handling the transfer. If you have a…

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Property Management Strategies to Maximize your ROI

Whether you use a property management company or not there are property management strategies to maximize your ROI. Even if you are a owner managing your own property I encourage you to consider these items. First is to limit turnover. The idea here is to find great tenants that are happy and want to stay…

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