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Archive for November 2017

If you Own a Rental Property you may be Subject to Transaction Privilege Tax

I attended a meeting yesterday with fellow NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) members and the AZ Department of Revenue where they discussed the upcoming TPT (Transaction Privilege Tax) filing and licensing changes. First, this is a boring subject for most so I will keep it short and sweet with bullet points on what…

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New Tax Implications Favorable for Investors

The following article was presented to ARMLS members on 11/15/17, with tax debates underway and changes likely, I thought it was worth sharing. As it stands the changes look good for Arizona,  investors and renters.   There have been numerous articles written over the past week about the new tax implications. In his daily observations…

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Common Ways Landlords Fail

This business is easy to succeed but also easy to fail. As a professional property manager I see a common theme among some landlords that maybe should be using a property manager instead of trying to handle it themselves. Here is a short list of common fails. But we are also solution oriented so I…

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