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Finding Tenants

Tips on Finding Great Tenants

Let me start by saying tenants get a bad wrap, or maybe are stereotyped for being somehow not as worthy or good as homeowners which creates fear amongst owners. Stereotyped as dirty, mean, won’t pay rent, will damage the property, etc.. Sure, it happens, but more often than not they are great, pleasant people, especially…

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Property Management Strategies to Maximize your ROI

Whether you use a property management company or not there are property management strategies to maximize your ROI. Even if you are a owner managing your own property I encourage you to consider these items. First is to limit turnover. The idea here is to find great tenants that are happy and want to stay…

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Red Flags of a Problem Tenant

The idea is to identify the red flags of problem tenant so you don’t end up in a long lease with a tenant that will cause you unnecessary headaches. One of the benefits of hiring a property manager is we get lots of experience dealing with problem tenants and our experience allows us to minimize…

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