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The Cost of a Bad Tenant

Here is a short video that will show demonstrate the cost of a bad tenant. This is a new property we just took over that was managed by the owner. The tenants were seven month behind on rent and left us this huge mess. I wanted to share this video and point out some things…

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Should I Accept a Partial Payment from my Tenant?

This is a loaded question, the answer is maybe. The problem with accepting a partial payment is that you cannot then turn around and evict them, at least immediately. Example, you accept $500 on the 4th of the month and then try to evict on the 20th. If the tenant shows up in court the…

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Trouble with my Tenants what do I do?

We often receive inquiries from owners that are self-managing their properties and are having trouble with their tenants. All is well and good until something goes astray and then it’s a mess of the owner. Maybe it’s a maintenance item, or a tenant that does not pay, a crime committed on the property, etc. There…

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Protect Yourself with a Property Manager

There are many reasons why you should use a property manager but in this blog I simply want to discuss one of them. Take a look at the image here on this page. I received this the other day regarding a property I have for lease that is being marketed online through many sources. As…

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Eviction Process Q&A

One of the biggest benefits, other than finding good quality tenants is aligning yourself with a property management company familiar with the eviction laws and process. Disclaimer… I/we are not attorneys and this blog should not be construed as legal advise. We do however have some of the best attorneys in the state that work…

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