Trouble with my Tenants what do I do?

We often receive inquiries from owners that are self-managing their properties and are having trouble with their tenants. All is well and good until something goes astray and then it’s a mess of the owner. Maybe it’s a maintenance item, or a tenant that does not pay, a crime committed on the property, etc. There are many reasons why the normal owner and tenant relationship might go bad. So the question is typically asking us whether we intervene and help, even if the home has a tenant already in place? The answer is yes. It’s pretty simple, here is what we do.

  1. Sign a property management agreement with you.
  2. Collect any tenant deposits you are holding on behalf of the tenant so we can put in our trust account.
  3. Deliver proper notice to the tenant of the change with instructions on how to pay and where to submit maintenance requests.
  4. We address any problems and take necessary action to ensure you have a great tenant that pays onetime and a property that is being maintained.

In fact, this is so common it prompted us to create a special pricing plan which is conveniently called “The Take Over Plan” for owners in this situation. Here is a link to the plan details:

Not only by choosing this method do you handle the trouble with your tenant(s) but you also get the freedom from all the other tasks you likely don’t care to do, like maintenance calls, HOA violations, collecting rents, reports, county taxes and on and on.

If we can help you with any of your properties, we’d love to discuss the details with you. Once you use us, you’ll be happy you did!