How we Solved the Air Filter Problem

We are please to announce our partnership with Filter Easy, a national filter subscription program that will be providing our tenants with high quality air filters at a very low cost each month.

Per our lease agreement tenants are responsible for changing air filters to ensure the most costly part of the home is taken care of. Needless to say this has forever been a problem. We have found that most tenants are not being defiant or neglecting the filter on purpose, in fact I am guilty at my own home of forgetting this home maintenance chore. Remembering to buy them and remembering the size(s) is the issue.

With this service tenants will no longer need to remember, they will simply get a box with air filters at their front door each month prompting them to swap the out.

Since this is technically a tenant responsibility and cost for this service is being passed on to tenants. To accomplish this, there is a small administration fee that they pay each month to receive the filters. So far tenants that we have signed up love the service and appreciate not having to remember to purchase them.

For owner that want to ensure this get done immediately, you can opt in to the program at your expense until the next lease renewal where we can pass it on to the tenants.

Another benefit to this program is that the filter are dated allowing us to very the filters are being changed onetime as designed and we have the necessary verbiage in our lease to allow us to charge HVAC service calls to the tenants if in fact the call is related to air filter neglect.

This program protects our owners, reducing utility costs and provides cleaner air for the tenants, it is truly a win-win.

For more information on air filter problems and what can happen if not properly maintains, see our previous blog post here:

Here is a short video about the program.