Property Management Air Filter Issue and Remedy

I just took over a property that I will be managing and I wanted to point out a couple things to you. When I was walking through the property, I noticed the register vents, just really, really dirty. That’s the air from the air conditioner or heater or from the HVAC system that’s coming out that the tenant would basically be breathing. You can see how dirty that is, so I came over here to the filters, and take a look. There’s two filters in this system, and you can see how dirty those fins are. Just really, really dirty.

I pull the filter out so you could see, and look how dirty this filter is. Just clogged, clogged full of dust and debris, so this has been a long time since this has been changed. This particular filter is a 30-day filter and obviously has not been changed within the 30-day period. So, this isn’t good. Number one, the tenant’s breathing really dirty air. I’m sure that could cause sinus issues and all sorts of stuff. Number two, it is allowing dirty air. What happens is the air just starts bypassing the filter, and so the system’s just sucking up dusty, dirty air and could potentially clog up the evaporator coil, which in this case is actually in the attic.

Damage from clogged condensation pan

Also, some of the problem with that is, there’s a condensation pan up in the attic that could potentially clog as well. In fact, I’ve done some other blogs on that and I’ll link below to that so you can reference it, but if that condensation drain gets plugged with this debris here, then you could potentially have a leak in the attic from all the condensation from the HVAC unit. We’re working on systems to remedy this situation. This isn’t good for the tenant. The tenant is paying higher than they need to as far as the utility costs, and this is increasing the maintenance costs on the unit and potentially decreasing the life as well.

Stay tuned. We are testing a system that so far is working really, really good that we’re excited to tell you about. So, stay tuned. We will post other videos and other blogs on what we’re working on and how it will work, and it will be a win-win for the tenants and for the owners so tenants can breath clean air and owners can have a system that lasts its full life cycle. If you have any questions on any of our services, please visit our website at Thank you very much.

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