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Home Maintenance

How we Solved the Air Filter Problem

We are please to announce our partnership with Filter Easy, a national filter subscription program that will be providing our tenants with high quality air filters at a very low cost each month. Per our lease agreement tenants are responsible for changing air filters to ensure the most costly part of the home is taken…

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Property Management Air Filter Issue and Remedy

I just took over a property that I will be managing and I wanted to point out a couple things to you. When I was walking through the property, I noticed the register vents, just really, really dirty. That’s the air from the air conditioner or heater or from the HVAC system that’s coming out…

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Does your Property Manager Protect your Rental Property?

Do you or your property manager have preventative measures in place to protect your very valuable rental property? Today I wanted to discuss Air Conditioners and in particular condensation drains. The air conditioners job is pretty straight forward, it simply takes incoming air that travels through an air filter, cools it, and returns it to…

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